Torpol Technologies

Magnetic Field Therapy™

Our original technology, conceived, researched and developed for the needs of horses. Developing it, we carefully chose the appropriate type of magnets and their location, thinking of the spots most prone to injuries. The magnets used in our products are called Neodymium Magnetic Activators (NMA) and Neodymium Magentic Stimulators (NMB). Both NMA and NMB are permanent magnets. Once magnetized, they can only be demagnetized when put in a very strong, reversely polarized magnetic field or in temperature exceeding 80°C. Products in Magnetic Field Therapy™ line can be used over a long period of time, both to enhance performance in healthy horses as well as for rehab after injuries. Our therapy cannot be overdosed. A body absorbs only as much magnetic energy as it requires to restore its energy balance. Our therapy can be safely applied for both rehabilitation and prevention. After a short adaptation period it can be applied for up to 12h a day. However, there have been no side effects, even if it was used for longer than the recommended time.

Benefits of using the Magnetic Field Therapy™ products:


  • Recovery – enhanced circulation of blood and lymph allows for oxygen and white blood cells to be transported 4-times faster than usual. That ensures much faster nourishment and restoration of tissues.

  • Balancing deficits – faster blood circulation contributes to thermoregulation – lowering temperature around inflamed tissue which prevents either onset or development of medical issues.

  • Significant improvement of mobility – healthy back, joints with no swelling are essential for a horse to use its full potential and stay in the best shape.

  • Elimination of pain symptoms in the spine region – enhanced circulation of the white blood cells eliminates the perceptible, negative effects caused by swelling and injuries.

  • Muscle tissue recovery – properly nourished cells mean faster and more efficient recovery and strengthening of muscles.

How long magnetic therapy may be used?

Keep in mind that the body absorbs as much magnetic energy as it needs to restore its energy balance. Magnetic Field Therapy by Torpol® can be safely used for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Overdose is not possible. After a short acclimatization period, it can be applied up to 10 hours a day.


Magnetic therapy should not be used in animals during pregnancy, treatment of open wounds, keloid (wild meat) and cancer. All magnetic products should be avoided or dealt with extreme care by pregnant women and people with pacemakers or other electromedical devices. The products should not be stored close to any magnetic data storage devices.