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Flex-on Stirrups REDUCED


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The Flex-on's innovative hi-tech stirrups, designed and scientifically proven to provide help with your riding position and reduce strain on the leg muscles and joints. The Flex-On Stirrups use innovative shock absorption technology to cushion the movements of the rider.

Green Composite Stirrup

Designed from an organically sourced polyamide material. Built with an internal steel frame to reinforce the polymer outer shell. This creates a stirrup that is lightweight but very strong. It can be cleaned with water and is therefore easier to maintain. The green composite Flex-On stirrups perform at a professional level across all the disciplines.

Shock absorbers

The stirrup has two Elastomer shock absorbers supporting the footbed plus flexibility built into the frame help absorb shocks and vibration. This is unique to Flex-on. The shock absorbers reduce the physical impact of the movement of the horse on the riders joints and therefore preserves the riders physical integrity.

Foot bed

There are three different types of footbed. The Ultra Inclined Foot Rest is preferred and therefore used by most riders. Crimped pins are also fitted to the Ultra Grip tread. Made of hardened steel, these are tough and also very durable. Finally the pins are then embedded within the moulded plastic grip. As a result this offers amazing grip for the riders foot.

Inclined Footrest

  • The most common and popular footrest. It helps riders keep their heels down and therefore helps to improve the balance, stability and general position

Flat Footrest

  • Popular with dressage riders. Also ideal for riders with very flexible ankles for whom an inclined footbed could push the legs forward and risk unbalancing the rider.

Mixed Footrest

•Ideal for eventer’s who need to ride all disciplines with only one saddle and one pair of stirrups.

We keep a number of stirrups in stock.

How to choose your in stock stirrup

I. Colour of Frame

2. Colour of foot bed

3. Colour of shock absorber

All our stock stirrups have the black inclined ultra grip foot bed.


You can customise your own stirrup at no extra cost. The frame colour, foot bed, the footbed colour, the shock absorber colour and the tread colour can all be chosen to create your unique stirrup. There are also numerous magnetic inserts that are interchangeable that can personalise your stirrup further. Please go to our Flex-on Magnetics and Flex-on customisation tabs or call us for more information.