Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste
Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste

Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste

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Product Description

An oral paste used to help horses with stomach and digestive issues. The perfect partner for travel or stressful situations. Gastro aid paste works in harmony with the body to aid prevention and assist recovery.

Formally known as Gastro 8 Paste.


Cavalor Gastro aid paste should be used before travel and during stressful situations which does not stop product of stomach acid, but aids protection of the digestive system.

Treatment of equine gastric ulcers involves either inhibiting gastric acid secretion, neutralising the acid produced or protecting the squamous mucus from exposure to acid. 

CAVALOR Gastro aid paste provides the nutritional tools to neutralise acid production and stimulate regeneration. It also protects the stomach mucus on different levels using different nutritional approaches (as most Cavalor products do).

It can be administered directly into the mouth or added to feed if preferred. The product is ideal for horses suffering from poor appetite due to gastric irritation.

Paste may be followed up by a course of Cavalor Gastro aid powder or they can continue to be used for a longer period (1 tube per day) as required.


Please allow 3 days for delivery but it maybe sooner. Please note that this an estimated delivery timescale dependent on our suppliers and subject to change.


Contains nucleotides, bioflavonoids, herbs and vitamin U.

Recommended Feeding Rate

  • Days 1 to 5: 2 tubes per day
  • Days 6 to 10: 1 tube per day

Afterward continue to follow up with powder.

3 Boxes will give you the initial course + 3 spare which may be used at times of particular stress, such as travelling.