Incrediwear Equine Hock Boot
Incrediwear Equine Hock Boot

Incrediwear Equine Hock Boot

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Incrediwear Equine Hock Boot

The new Incrediwear Hock boot has all the same properties as the other products in the Incrediwear range but is specifically designed for the horses hock.

The Incrediwear hock boot is made from scientifically proven therapeutic fabric. The fabric s embedded with natural carbon elements germanium and carbonized charcoal.

Used for:

  • Injury recovery;
  • Instant icing (when wet)


  • Reduced swelling and inflammation;
  • Reduced soreness;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Increased lymphatic drainage;
  • Accelerated recovery time;
  • Thermoregulation.

The circulation hock boot will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage, bringing more oxygen, nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents to the area of the injury therefore speeding up the recovery process. The boot can be worn 24 hours a day if dry.

The Hock boot is easy to put on and is secured with velcro straps and is machine washable please follow the instructions on the packaging..

The Incrediwear Hock boot comes in Left or Right fittings please choose when ordering.

Instructions for use:

  • Attach the hock boot on the horses hock the grey side facing the skin and adjust with the velcro straps.
  • If cold therapy is recommended by the veterinarian , spray the inside of the boot with water, apply onto the horses hock as usual and leave for 1 hour. Dry the boot completely before future use.
  • In case of severe swelling or inflammation Incrediwear recommend applying the circulation hoof sock on the hock ( upside down) for one day before using the hock boot in order to relieve any pressure points.

Please note that the surface of the fabric will accumulate heat drawn out of the body and will become hot, while deep tissue will cool down.