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Cavalor FreeBute Gel

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Cavalor FreeBute Gel is a skin gel made from natural ingredients. Its unique blend of 8 essential oils includes eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oils, known for their relaxing, cooling, decongestant, and analgesic properties, making Cavalor FreeBute Gel the first-aid remedy of choice for overworked, sensitive, and aching muscles and joints.


It starts to deliver cooling relief immediately. This gradually turns into warmth. The hydrogel in Cavalor FreeBute Gel allows it to be absorbed quickly into the skin, bringing deep and powerful effects to deep tissues. Cavalor FreeBute Gel Due stimulates blood circulation and can be used to relax sensitive muscles before exercise. It also helps to eliminate toxins more quickly after hard workouts, preventing stiff muscles.


Inflammation is the body’s normal response to foreign substances or tissue damage (such as trauma, strain, or overload).

Inflammations are the body’s way of recovering after damage. It sends white blood cells to the affected area to “attack” pathogens.

An inflammation may be recognised by redness and warmth of the skin in that area. It is also accompanied by swelling and pain. In treating pain, it is important to address not only the pain itself but also its cause.


Massage in Cavalor FreeBute Gel daily after or
at least 1.5 hours before exercise to loosen or relax sensitive muscles.
Apply Cavalor FreeBute Gel twice a day for faster recovery after sports injuries.
Use Cavalor FreeBute Gel to flush toxins more quickly from tired legs.

Warning: For external use only. Excessive use may cause hypersensitivity reactions.

Due to its high concentration of essential oils, do not use FreeBute Gel in areas exposed to intense sunlight, nor under a saddle cloth or under boots when exercising, as these areas can become quite ho

Cavalor FreeBute Gel