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Dada Sport NEW Storm Kit Riding Breeches

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The Dada Sport Kit New knee grip breeches are an updated version of their famous Kit breech.

This new piece is distinguished by details that make it even more remarkable.

The color palette

Kit New is available in moka, beige, white and storm, message us if you’d like a different colour ordered. 


The riding pants in the Dada Sport range are designed in microfiber for maximum movement. Their immediate push-up effect also ensures a flattering curve, while the jean stitching on the back, the technical and aesthetic grip and the braids on the pockets add an ultra-feminine touch to their style.

Its second-skin-effect fabric offers optimum comfort during riding sessions and intense sporting activities. Kit New is the perfect choice for riders looking for performance and elegance.

The pants also feature a reduced number of seams to limit friction points with the saddle and stirrups.

Particular attention has been paid to the closure of the pants, which feature a TRA-IN button by Cobrax that allows you to open and close your pants with a simple gesture. A system somewhere between a classic press stud and a trouser hook, combining design and functionality. 

The closure is thinner for a flatter, more elegant look. The buttons are embellished with the Dada monogram.

You'll also find a slide fastener and an inside button. 

The wide belt loops with Dada embroidery on the back loop and the long ankle inserts in stretch fabric make the pants easy to put on.


The pants are made from Italian "Sensitive" fabric, renowned for its lightness and optimal comfort. The microfiber used in its manufacture offers high breathability, effective water repellency, wrinkle resistance and bi-stretch stretch. What's more, this fabric is easy to care for, making it a practical choice for everyday riding.

Dada Sport NEW Storm Kit Riding Breeches
Dada Sport NEW Storm Kit Riding Breeches
Dada Sport NEW Storm Kit Riding Breeches