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Kentucky Alvin Relax Horse Toy

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Meet the brand new Relax Horse Toys which are based on the actual Kentucky horse models!

If your horse tends to get bored in their stable, this Relax Horse Toy is the ideal stable buddy! These toy aren’t only cute to look at, they also gives the horse something to play with. When the horse puts pressure on the toy’s belly, it produces a cracking plastic sound from a water bottle inside the toy.

They also act as the perfect horse companion. If your horse gets anxious, this toy could relieve that stress. You can even taken it with you to shows as a travel buddy so it feels like home away from home.

A small rope is attached to the neck of the toy so it can be attached easily in the stable or where preferred. They are all one size however there are three horses ti choose from.

Care guide
To keep this toy like new, it is best to hand wash the dirty spots on the toy with warm water and soap.

Kentucky Alvin horse toy